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    Himmelsjahr 2020

    ab sofort lieferbar!
    USB Adaptor

    for SynScan
    SWUW eyepieces

    -44% discount
    Power Splitter

    It is dimmable!
    Castell Filter


    Newbies warmly welcome!

    proper advice and nice prices - to make your first steps fun and success. We tell you what matters and have the best offer for you.

    Newbies warmly welcome! --> mehr Infos

    Dew Heater with free dimmer!

    The new Dew-Heaters (with the lengths 20-30-40-50-60cm) come with 12V 5.5 / 2.1mm jack, a dimmer, and translation on RCA plugs. They can thus be supplied with both normal 12V cables and the RCA cables with power. Total length of the supplied cable is 90cm. About the Velcro you can adjust the length of each dew cap.

    Dew Heater with free dimmer! --> mehr Infos

    New dovetails for finderscope base

    New dovetail also for finderscope base! The dovetail and base modular system newly developed by LACERTA enables practically all telescope accessories to be connected together. For the finderscope base is now ready a short 10cm, and a 21cm long dovetail, with the ability to fit through M6 or 1/4 inch all conceivable accessories!

    New dovetails for finderscope base --> mehr Infos

    Video User Manuals

    You find here several Video-manuals:


    150/750 Newton

    Video User Manuals --> mehr Infos

    Takahashi FC-100DZ

    The new Takahashi FC-100DZ is the perfected 2-lens fluorite apochromat and the latest development of the FC-100D. It combines the color purity of the limited and no longer manufactured FC-100DL with the versatility of the FC-100DF and now also has a retractable dew shield for an extremely short transport dimension! The optic has been recalculated and represents the currently feasible, Takahashi himself writes that this scope will be the standard for the next 20-30 years.

    Takahashi FC-100DZ --> mehr Infos

    MGEN Version 2.61 ready

    our MGEN superguider can now be triggered for remote meridianflip! Via USB and software request (APT) it does AG stop, new starsearch, new calibration and AG resume. Click on the link "more info" for download.

    MGEN Version 2.61 ready --> mehr Infos

    RedCat-51 in white Color!

    the special Edition of RedCat in white Lacerta color!
    - focal length 250 mm / aperture ratio f / 4,9
    - true Petzval design, no flattener and no distance search needed - it fits in the focus automatically
    - Extremely pure color (FPL-53 and FPL-51, 4 elements in 3 groups)
    - Very well corrected and illuminated field of view of 44 mm diameter - up to the full format!!
    - better transmission than a photo lens with many lenses

    RedCat-51 in white Color! --> mehr Infos