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    NEW + NEW + NEW
    Telescopes (not only) for demonstration purposes

    These models are not only school or professional illustration tools, but are also recommended for beginners interested in astronomy. Optically accurate devices so that you can already see the most famous objects in the night sky.

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    NEW + NEW + NEW
    Telescopes (not only) for demonstration purposes --> mehr Infos

    Himmelsjahr 2020

    ab sofort lieferbar!
    USB Adaptor

    for SynScan
    SWUW eyepieces

    -44% discount
    Power Splitter

    It is dimmable!
    Castell Filter


    EQ6-R are in stock!

    The successor to the legendary EQ6-Pro, but with a toothed belt drive, increased stability and Vixen / Losmandy dual clamping system: this is the EQ6-R mount.
    Immediately available !!! Secure your EQ6-R now!

    EQ6-R are in stock! --> mehr Infos

    Star Adventurer in Stock

    We have Star Adventurer in stock: both the Astro and the Full Set! We have also and all Star Adventurer accessories (counterweight, pole block, DEC unit, rails) what you need. Put together your desired configuration! Only pay what is absolutely necessary!

    Star Adventurer in Stock --> mehr Infos


    Due to construction work in the historic building where our Vienna Shop is located, we cleaned up many shelves - and found long-forgotten telescope- and microscope- accessories, which we now offer drastically reduced. The list will be published and updated daily from May 27th.

    EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!! --> mehr Infos

    Time to use Dew Heater and Dew Shield!

    Small investment, great result! Lacerta Dew Caps and Dew Heaters in (almost) all sizes at incredibly low price! Lacerta Dew Heaters cost similary as Dew Caps of other providers without heating. And the dew heaters much less! Lacerta Dew-Heaters and Dew-Caps come with 12V and RCA plugs. About the Velcro you can adjust the length of each dew cap.

    Time to use Dew Heater and Dew Shield! --> mehr Infos

    World first: "La.Cool"

    ... the suction fan can be flexibly adapted to the Newtonian telescope to extract the (warm) air on the main mirror side. Without modification, without having to drill holes in the side!

    World first: "La.Cool" --> mehr Infos

    For Children: scope for nature and astronomy

    It has to be easy to use and versatile, high optical quality, but still affordable? The zoom telescope with a diameter of 50mm for only 69 EUR shows the craters of the moon, the Saturn ring and Jupitermoons as well as distant water birds on the lakeshore or nesting birds on the top of the tree. The magnification is adjustable from 15x to 45x. With an optional adapter, you can even take photos with your mobile phone through the telescope. Limited stock!

    For Children: scope for nature and astronomy --> mehr Infos

    Filter drawer with magnetic lock

    Unlike other filter drawers, the LACERTA drawer does not have to be fixed with a screw on the side. There is also no risk that the screw will not be tightened properly and that the drawer will slide out. Two pairs of magnets (both on the drawer housing and on the drawer itself) on the right and left side ensure a stable hold. It could nott be easier!

    Filter drawer with magnetic lock --> mehr Infos