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    A wish as present

    A real Shooting star as a present!
    Orion Glass Solar Filters now available

    High quality glass solar filters from Orion, with metal housing and locking screws.
    Kosmos Himmelsjahr 2019

    now available, only 18.50€
    Smartphone Clamp

    adjustable for 26-55mm
    Skywatcher goes WLAN!

    control from Handy
    WiFi: EUR 70 only
    Image stabilized!

    Vixen Atera 12x30 - Image stabilized binocular
    NEW - €549

    NEW: filter transmissions!
    we expand our customer services - mapping your filter transmission curves with our industrial spectrometer, 350-900nm with precision well under 1nm
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    mehr Infos

    Optics and Interferometry Blog
    Here you find not only quantitative tests of optical devices and telescopes, the short essays are also a repository for well known and lesser well known facts and contain examples for optical performance and possible problems. click here to enter the Optics Blog
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    NEW! Takahashi Multi-Flattener
    This new Multi Flattener is suitable for a majority of Takahashi's dual-lens fluorite optics, even for many older FC and FS scopes, upgrade their old scope! Thanks to seven different camera adapters, each one is upgraded telescope achieves the best possible correction. Compared to its predecessors, the image circle is larger, the correction at the edge is also better, many optics are so suitable for full frame cameras.
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    NEW!!! SkyWatcher Evostar 150ED
    SkyWatcher has upgraded the popular BlackDiamond ED-Apo range to include a universally applicable 150mm Apochromat at an unbeatable price. The high-quality two-lens ED lens with the moderate aperture ratio of f/8 delivers a very high-contrast and color-pure image that meets even the highest demands. With tube rings, dovetail plate and transport case for sensational 1999,90€
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    In the mood for a fast photo Newton
    We have the BEST Newtons! Each one Lacerta Photonewton is being hand made and quality tested in Austria with utmost dedication. Choice of the best and most active photographers. A service like nowhere else.
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    MGEN Version 2.61 ready
    our MGEN superguider can now be triggered for remote meridianflip! Via USB and software request (APT) it does AG stop, new starsearch, new calibration and AG resume. Click on the link "more info" for download.
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