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DeepSkyPro2600 26MP (IMX571 back-illuminated) APS-C cooled astrocamera

Marke:  -Lacerta
Type: CMOS-color
Chip diagonal: 28,4mm
Resolution: 26MP
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DeepSky Pro 2600c color camera

The new sensational SONY EXMOR IMX571 chip is used, which has ideal characteristics for astrophotography:

    extreme sensitivity thanks to the backside illumination technology
    very low readout noise of 0.7-3.5 e- (depending on gain setting)
    very low dark current of 0.0005e- (per pixel and second, at -20°C)
    no more visible amplifier glow - clean raw images
    native 16 bit A/D converter
    high fullwell capacity of the pixels - less burned out stars

the manufacturer Touptek has been our proven partner for microscope cameras for a long time and delivers sophisticated software and drivers. The camera has a very good electronics built in, which brings the advantages of the sensor fully into the picture.

Camera features:

    Gain and offset are separately adjustable to be prepared for high dynamic range as well as for lowest readout noise at short exposures. We recommend Gain zero and Offset 100 as basic settings, and in addition LowConversionGain for highest dynamic range, and HighConversionGain for high sensitivity with little dynamic range loss.

    The 2-stage adjustable Peltier cooling is powerful enough to really cool a full 42 degrees below ambient - enough even for hot summer nights.
    A window heater is built in, good for humid fall nights to keep the camera window from fogging up.
    An external desiccant cartridge can be attached to draw moisture out of the sealed camera body.
    On the back of the camera are red LEDs for status indication, and a USB hub with 2 USB2 ports, in addition to the USB3 camera port.
    IRcut filter built into the camera window
    Connection T2 female thread with back focus to sensor 17,5mm

Our side-by-side tests with other cameras using the IMX571 show the excellent quality of the DSPro2600.
The connection with APT, SharpCap and other control programs succeeds without problems via the Ascom driver.
The included program ToupSky offers extensive functionalities and is excellent also for planetary imaging, it can display raw images also pre-debayed with correct colors (white balance).

The drivers are installed with the ToupSky software, please download Ascom and DirectShow drivers from the support folder:

Scope of delivery:

    waterproof Peli Case made of impact resistant plastic
    DSPro2600 color camera
    power supply 100-250V/3A
    Dry cartridge with silica gel
    Software and driver CD

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