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telescope test: Interferometric measurement on axis with Twyman-Green interferometer, and comprehensive documentation of results along with original interferograms.

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go for the optimum!

We offer a unique service to tune and optimize our fabric new telescopes individually,
for the best possible optical performance, and provide concise and competent test documentation.
This is sometimes an elaborate and time consuming process, and will be accomplished only on individual agreement.

the preparation for the test - the essential work!

The telescope is examined meticulously and both mechanics and optics are being optimized:
- focuser aligned on objective center and friction adjusted
- objective aligned to focuser
- lenses of objective collimated separately and collimation stabilzed (we know how to)
- problems influencing photographic star halo identified and corrected
- mirrors are de-stressed in the cell and support checked, so they do not move in excess in the cell
- mirror egde can be blackened to avoid diffraction artefacts and cover eventual edge zones
- secondary ist tested along, we always test the whole telescope including all components

the interferometric test, the photographic tests

After accomplishing the optimal condition, then we are gong to do the final tests and documentation:
-  tests with flat mirror in autocollimation, mostly the quantitative interferometric metrology
-  tests on the real sky or using an artificial star in proper distance: Startest, Ronchitest, Foucaulttest, photographic tests for proving smooth star halo or field correction

For more information on the testing procedure and details to certain telescopes please visit our optics blog (german end english):
Interferometrie Blog

Before entering the optimization and test process, we ask for your requirements and need to agree what goals shall be reached.
Up to that the prizes for the service will be calculated. The tests are documented to be fully assessed by a third party,
we deliver the original interferograms (not only simulated ones), every concern can be discussed openly.

In this context we want to express our concern - beware of tests that are not fully comprehensible,
offer simulated interferograms only that could be manipulated on a computer, do not tell the full Zernike terms,
or even show deactivated terms that possibly beautify the result. In doubt ask a specialist, nowadays its easy to get help via internet.

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