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Custom made adapter. Price specified for standard adapter. Price for special requirements - see the product description

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We offer custom made adapters for all astronomical and microscopical purposes. Finemechanical workshop, adapters, metrical and inch threads, rails, columns, extensions and much more. For example the TAL-Crayford Adapter: It is in two parts, otherwise the Klevtsov woud not fir in the wooden TAL box. It is adjustable (by 4 screws tiltable) and provides free access to the collimation screws. The focus is reachable without diagonal.

Your custom made piece should be ordered in the ONLINESHOP! (please provide a link to your drawing in the "ANMERKUNGEN" box, or give a full description - max. 1000 letters)
You may use sample sketches from here: "More Info"

- Conception and drawing: Verification and redrawing free, if you provide a good and fully specified drawing - a hand sketch is ok, if ALL DATA (e.g. threads, lengths, thickness) are concisely provided. (if you want us to plan for your needs and do everything for you, minimum price is Euro 75.- in advance). PRODUCTION PRICES (NETTO)
- production (incl. max. 3 drills AND max. 2 threads, AND max. 100 gramm eroding): 20 Euro/adapter
- raw material: per 100 gramm increment Aluminium: 2 Euro
- anodizing: 5 Euro
additional costs
- eroding above 100 gramms (raw weight minus product weight): 1 Euro per 10 gramm
- additional threads: each 5 Euro (up to 10mm length)
- not metrical thread: each 5 Euro (up to 10mm length)
- sloped areas (e.g. dovetails) each 10 Euro (up to 100mm length)
- work out-of-house (Alu-cast, sandblasting, special finish etc.): between 40 and 100 Euro/hour
- in EU add 20% tax

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Wir empfehlen auch:
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Technical support (5 minutes)