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Power Splitter

It is dimmable!

More as 2000 pcs
selled worldwide!


Motorfocus with 1 micron accuracy

Love at first sight!
Price-performance winner

New serie of beginner telescope

STARQUEST is a brand new, extremely compact telescope series. Lighter, yet more stable than previous entry-level models, also recommended as travel mount. Versatile upgradable, even with autoguiding! Best value for money! And now with coupon you save another 15% off the price.

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Lacerta Elite Bino

The Lacerta Elita Binocular in open hinge design is the best price performer. Its available as 8x42 and 10x42 binocular.

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Buy binocular and save 20%

We offer the best prices for LACERTA BINOCULARS!
Shipping or pickup, advice and training - everything is possible!
You can even get 20% discount on the binoculars listed here if you write "T896U" into the field "COUPON CODE" at checkout and activate it by pressing the green knob

Want telescopes, or microscopes? All our coupon deals are listed here .

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MGEN-3. The MGEN-II is history

After 10 years, the MGEN-II, which has revolutionized the way ambitious amateurs and professionals perform their astro photography, has been retiring. The hardware is at the limits, the market and the needs of the astrophotographers have evolved and we take this into account as a leading innovator in guiding: MGEN-3 coming soon !!!

MGEN-3. The MGEN-II is history --> mehr Infos

Takahashi FC-100DZ

The new Takahashi FC-100DZ is the perfected 2-lens fluorite apochromat and the latest development of the FC-100D. It combines the color purity of the limited and no longer manufactured FC-100DL with the versatility of the FC-100DF and now also has a retractable dew shield for an extremely short transport dimension! The optic has been recalculated and represents the currently feasible, Takahashi himself writes that this scope will be the standard for the next 20-30 years.

Takahashi FC-100DZ --> mehr Infos

Time to use Dew Heater!

Small investment, great result! Lacerta Dew Caps and Dew Heaters in (almost) all sizes at incredibly low price! Lacerta Dew Heaters cost similary as Dew Caps of other providers without heating. And the dew heaters much less! Lacerta Dew-Heaters and Dew-Caps come with 12V and RCA plugs. About the Velcro you can adjust the length of each dew cap.

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Filters from Astronomik, Baader, Optoling reduced!

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