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Uncollected customer orders

It can always happen that you order something, but then think about it and don't pick it up. These goods then remain with the dealer. We have some products that were ordered for Christmas but never picked up. Or the telescope was way too big -- at least, way bigger than it looked on the computer screen. We are now offering these at a greatly reduced price. Brand new, often in the original unopened packaging, with much, much cheaper!

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KG3 IR.UV.ER Filter

The LACERTA IR/UV/ER (ER stands for energy reduction) filter on KG3 glass material blocks drastically the IR radiation under 0.05% up to 3000nm and under 1% up to 5000nm! This provides the best possible protection against the heat radiation of the sun.

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NEW: Adjusting a Photonewton (in german language)

Your Newton is well adjusted, then you hang up the camera and have crooked stars in the corners? Oops, what now? Lacerta knowhow: The first systematic guide to Photonewton finetuning with attached camera.

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Astro-Landscape-Photography: Gratis Information

Astronomical landscape photography is becoming increasingly popular. But there is a lack of books that explain more than just the technical steps. This book shows the many aspects and possibilities using a large number of sample photos, many of which have won awards as APOD (Astronomy Picture Of the Day). Tamás Ladányi also reveals the preparatory work, the background to the artistic decisions, and tells the story of each picture. So that documentaries are transformed into original compositions.

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LACERTA astro calendar

Our 2024 Lacerta cult calendar has been published! Every month we present a photo from one of our customers - including rarities and new discoveries. The calendar is available as a FREE bonus for all of our online customers and shop visitors.

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LACERTA 72mm f/6 and f/4.7(!) Flatfield APO

The legendary 72mm ED objective is supplied in new configurations with different flatteners: including a 3-lens reducer corrector for f/4.7 (341mm focal length) or with a 2-lens flattener without focal length reduction, but with a working distance of 71mm. Unprocessed test photos can be seen in the product-presentation!

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LACERTA Slides and Covers

The quality of microscopic observations and photographs does not depend solely on the optics of the microscope! High-quality slides and cover glasses from Lacerta make a significant contribution to a good workflow!

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Transport bag for 250/1200 Newtonian - now 40% discount!

Write discount code Bag40 to field coupon when ordering

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