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Power Splitter

It is dimmable!

More as 2000 pcs
selled worldwide!


Motorfocus with 1 micron accuracy

Love at first sight!
Price-performance winner

For Children: scope for nature and astronomy

It has to be easy to use and versatile, high optical quality, but still affordable? The zoom telescope with a diameter of 50mm for only 69 EUR shows the craters of the moon, the Saturn ring and Jupitermoons as well as distant water birds on the lakeshore or nesting birds on the top of the tree. The magnification is adjustable from 15x to 45x. With an optional adapter, you can even take photos with your mobile phone through the telescope. Limited stock!

For Children: scope for nature and astronomy --> mehr Infos

LACERTA Construction Kit

... is a combination of the most used prism rail, prism clamps, bridge and lifter. The dovetails fits the Vixen or the viewfinder clamp. Holes and elongated holes allow the rail and clamps to be freely combined with one another - even rotated 90 or even 180 degrees!

LACERTA Construction Kit --> mehr Infos

Favorable dielectric diagonal mirror with 99% reflection

Perhaps the lowest price in Europe for a dielectric zenith mirror with 99% reflection?
Thanks to dielectric (non-metallic) coating, the Castell zenith mirror not only has a high reflectance of 99%, but also a long service life. The long service life is achieved because the non-metallic dielectric surface reacts much less with the acids and bases in the air than an aluminum coating with a quartz protective layer.

Favorable dielectric diagonal mirror with 99% reflection --> mehr Infos

MGEN-3 apps

The accompanying appf for MGEN-3 - PC interface, SkyEmulator and menu text translator - are available from here:

MGEN-3 apps --> mehr Infos

Lacerta Elite Bino

The Lacerta Elita Binocular in open hinge design is the best price performer. Its available as 8x42 and 10x42 binocular.

Lacerta Elite Bino --> mehr Infos

Time to use Dew Heater and Dew Shield!

Small investment, great result! Lacerta Dew Caps and Dew Heaters in (almost) all sizes at incredibly low price! Lacerta Dew Heaters cost similary as Dew Caps of other providers without heating. And the dew heaters much less! Lacerta Dew-Heaters and Dew-Caps come with 12V and RCA plugs. About the Velcro you can adjust the length of each dew cap.

Time to use Dew Heater and Dew Shield! --> mehr Infos

IWA canceled, but...
our discounts are valid!

Enjoy our LACERTA OUTDOOR products with IWA prices!
Even if you are an end-user, you can benefit from our dealer offer, which we originally prepared for IWA
You can even get 22% or more discount on the LACERTA OUTDOOR PRODUCTS listed here if you write "IWA2020" into the field "COUPON CODE" at checkout and activate it by pressing the green knob

Do you want to be our trading partner and order a larger quantity? Ask for dealer conditions here .

IWA canceled, but...
our discounts are valid! --> mehr Infos