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LACERTA has expanded his social media presence and can now also be found on Instagram!

Uncollected customer orders

It can always happen that you order something, but then think about it and don't pick it up. These goods then remain with the dealer. We have some products that were ordered for Christmas but never picked up. Or the telescope was way too big -- at least, way bigger than it looked on the computer screen. We are now offering these at a greatly reduced price. Brand new, often in the original unopened packaging, with much, much cheaper!

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MGEN-3 is now available again! NEW: FW 1.30 with Allsky Platesolving feature. Note our set offers! (Guidescope, DewHeater and Dimmer)

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The cat is back: RedCat-51 is on stock!

- focal length 250 mm / aperture ratio f / 4,9
- true Petzval design, no flattener and no distance search needed - it fits in the focus automatically
- Extremely pure color (FPL-53 and FPL-51, 4 elements in 3 groups)
- Very well corrected and illuminated field of view of 44 mm diameter - up to the full format!!
- better transmission than a photo lens with many lenses

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Power Station: 15% sale!

The PowerBank38AH sets new standards for portable power supply. It can supply up to 15A through the cigarette lighter socket and allows the simultaneous use of 3 additional USB ports (5V each), which allows for extremely flexible use.
It has a very high capacity of 144Wh /12Ah@12V /38000mAh@3.7V or /11700mAh@12V. This corresponds, for example, to tracking a Vixen GP mount for 4 full nights (incl. tracking control with MGEN autoguider), or to operating a 470 lumen LED bulb for around 24 hours without interruption.
You will receive 15% discount on the PowerBank38AH. Check out with coupon code "38AH" and redeem it immediately with the green button!

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The universe in a test tube
buy 3, pay 2!

Astronomical mini puzzles photographed by LACERTA instruments by our customers. 15 different themes: galaxies, star clusters, comets, moon, planets, diffuse nebulae and much more. Collect the whole collection now!

The universe in a test tube
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LACERTA 72mm f/6 and f/4.7(!) Flatfield APO

The legendary 72mm ED objective is supplied in new configurations with different flatteners: including a 3-lens reducer corrector for f/4.7 (341mm focal length) or with a 2-lens flattener without focal length reduction, but with a working distance of 71mm. Unprocessed test photos can be seen in the product-presentation!

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Lacerta Field Flattener

Screwed, not plugged in (both telescope and camera side)
Optimized for f/4.5-f/12 apochromats, between 300mm and 1800mm focal length
The working distance varies between 55 and 76 mm, the optimum working distance is shown as a graph on the housing

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Planets? Moon craters?
We give you 50% discount!

This high-quality planetary observer set worth 299.40 EUR is available at half price (149 EUR) when you purchase a selected special planetary telescope. The list of participating telescopes can be found here.

Planets? Moon craters?
We give you 50% discount! --> mehr Infos