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Power management: 12% sale!

The PowerBank38AH sets new standards for portable power supply. It can supply up to 15A through the cigarette lighter socket and allows the simultaneous use of 3 additional USB ports (5V each), which allows for extremely flexible use.
It has a very high capacity of 144Wh /12Ah@12V /38000mAh@3.7V or /11700mAh@12V. This corresponds, for example, to tracking a Vixen GP mount for 4 full nights (incl. tracking control with MGEN autoguider), or to operating a 470 lumen LED bulb for around 24 hours without interruption.
You will receive a 12% discount on the products listed here. Check out with coupon code "38AH" and redeem it immediately with the green button!

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Power management: 12% sale! --> mehr Infos

DeepSkPro with M48

Available from October 2022 - only from us!

DeepSkPro with M48 --> mehr Infos

ITT Emberger Alm 2022

ITT in Carinthia - international telescope meeting on the Emberger Alm - September 25th to October 1th, 2022 - with Teleskop-Austria booth!
Photo: Moon and Venus from Emberger Alm (c):Junko Baba

ITT Emberger Alm 2022 --> mehr Infos

Bird Experience in Autumn
our discounts are valid!

Enjoy our LACERTA OUTDOOR products with Bird Experience prices! Even if you are an end-user, you can benefit from our dealer offer, which we originally prepared for Neusiedler See
You get 20% discount on the LACERTA OUTDOOR PRODUCTS listed here if you write "Orni" into the field "COUPON CODE" at checkout and activate it by pressing the green knob

Do you want to be our trading partner and order a larger quantity? Ask for dealer conditions here .

Bird Experience in Autumn
our discounts are valid! --> mehr Infos

FMC - ASCOM Focus Motor Controller

MFOC (Lacerta motor focus with 1 micron reproducible accuracy) can be controled now without handbox, directly from the computer!

FMC - ASCOM Focus Motor Controller --> mehr Infos

Only for REAL fans!

AT LAST! Strictly limited and only for REAL fans - the UNDERSTANDABLE instructions for Newtons as a t-shirt. Present your friends with a "limited edition T-shirt from LACERTA OPTICS", with individual humor and technically correctly described astronomical topics!

Only for REAL fans! --> mehr Infos

LACERTA Slides and Covers

The quality of microscopic observations and photographs does not depend solely on the optics of the microscope! High-quality slides and cover glasses from Lacerta make a significant contribution to a good workflow!

LACERTA Slides and Covers --> mehr Infos

Uncollected customer orders

It can always happen that you order something, but then think about it and don't pick it up. These goods then remain with the dealer. We have some products that were ordered for Christmas but never picked up. We are now offering these at a greatly reduced price. Brand new, often in the original unopened packaging, with much, much cheaper!

Uncollected customer orders --> mehr Infos