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Our shop in Linz is closed on 16th and 17th of August!

Optolong filter delivery arrived!

The long awaited delivery of optolong filter has arrived! LPRO CLip & Narrow Band Filter are available now.

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Optolong filter delivery arrived! --> mehr Infos

Power Splitter

It is dimmable!

More as 2000 pcs
selled worldwide!


Motorfocus with 1 micron accuracy

Love at first sight!
Price-performance winner

Newbies warmly welcome!

proper advice and nice prices - to make your first steps fun and success. We tell you what matters and have the best offer for you.

Newbies warmly welcome! --> mehr Infos

Save space and money with Flex200 instead of full tube!

With the popular Skywatcher Flex Dobsons, the tube can be pushed together, making transport much easier. Since the tube does not have to be disassembled, the adjustment is maintained. The devices are built very solid and of course all have a parabolic main mirror.
TIP: Use of Binoviewer without Lightpasscorrector possible (one draws the Flex tube just 11cm less out to mechanically correct the optical path)

Save space and money with Flex200 instead of full tube! --> mehr Infos

Transport bags arrived!

The LACERTA transport bags were designed for telescopes and met some customer requirements. Approximately twice as much space for focuser, so that the engine focus has room too? Or space for fix mounted Telrad or finderscope? Yes, with pleasure!
Thanks to the hard and thick foam (thickness: 25mm, compression hardness: over 500kg/square meter) and the durable textile fabric, the equipment is ideally protected.

Transport bags arrived! --> mehr Infos

NEW: filter transmissions!

we expand our customer services - mapping your filter transmission curves with our industrial spectrometer, 350-900nm with precision well under 1nm

NEW: filter transmissions! --> mehr Infos

Takahashi FC-100DZ

The new Takahashi FC-100DZ is the perfected 2-lens fluorite apochromat and the latest development of the FC-100D. It combines the color purity of the limited and no longer manufactured FC-100DL with the versatility of the FC-100DF and now also has a retractable dew shield for an extremely short transport dimension! The optic has been recalculated and represents the currently feasible, Takahashi himself writes that this scope will be the standard for the next 20-30 years.

Takahashi FC-100DZ --> mehr Infos

Darkfield technic easy to use!

SkyWatcher Evostar 150ED

SkyWatcher has upgraded the popular BlackDiamond ED-Apo range to include a universally applicable 150mm Apochromat at an unbeatable price. The high-quality two-lens ED lens with the moderate aperture ratio of f/8 delivers a very high-contrast and color-pure image that meets even the highest demands. With tube rings, dovetail plate and transport case for sensational 1999,90€

SkyWatcher Evostar 150ED --> mehr Infos