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Skywatcher goes WLAN!

control from Handy
WiFi: EUR 70 only
Flat Field Box

NEW! It is dimmable!

More as 2000 pcs
selled worldwide!


Motorfocus with 1 micron accuracy

Love at first sight!
Price-performance winner

Power Splitter

NEW! It is dimmable!
Seven outputs!

Newbies warmly welcome!
proper advice and nice prices - to make your first steps fun and success. We tell you what matters and have the best offer for you.
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Lacerta Elite Bino
The Lacerta Elita Binocular in open hinge design is the best price performer. Its available as 8x42 and 10x42 binocular.
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mounting MFOC to OctoPlus
Its easy to mount your MFOC to OctoPlus focuser. Here is a Youbtube video:

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NEW!!! SkyWatcher Evostar 150ED
SkyWatcher has upgraded the popular BlackDiamond ED-Apo range to include a universally applicable 150mm Apochromat at an unbeatable price. The high-quality two-lens ED lens with the moderate aperture ratio of f/8 delivers a very high-contrast and color-pure image that meets even the highest demands. With tube rings, dovetail plate and transport case for sensational 1999,90€
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Zeiss Stemi zum Ausprobieren in Wien
Interessieren Sie sich für High-End Zeiss Stereo Mikroskope aber vor dem Kauf möchten Sie diese ausprobieren?

Sie können das Stemi 305 Bino, Stemi 305 Cam und Stemi 508 Trino bis 27. Februar in unserer Filiale in Wien ausprobieren.
Enthusaistische Interessenten nehmen am besten Ihre eigenen Proben mit um das Mikroskop zu testen. Beim Stemi 305 Cam ist ein Apple iPad notwendig zur Steuerung.

Lacerta High Def Spotting Scope
our newly developed HD spotting scope delivers a picture of crystal clear contrast paired with apochromatic color correction. We do not use the conventional glass prism system, so the superior color correction of the atsronomical lens is preserved. Even at highest magnification. Of course it is waterproof sealed and nitrogen filled.
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Darkfield technic easy to use!

Cardioid Darkfield Microscope
The new yardstick for high quality darkfield blood analysis (for living blood)! Presented first at Photokina 2014 and at Baden-Baden fair 2015, ever more customers decide for this HQ, but reasonably priced microscope.
Video: How is Cardioid Darkfield actually working:

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Lacerta Newtonians
- this Newtonians are made by Photographers for Photographers.
- Carbon Tube, made in Germany
- comacorrector designed in Hungary
- assembled in Austria: each tube individually controlled.
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