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Herschel prisms from 117 EUR

The LACERTA Herschel prisms at Brewster Winkel are unique: they enable full polarization and thus a 240-fold dimmer with a polar filter! Conventional Herschel prisms with partial polarization can only be dimmed about 6-7 times.
Best price, first-class imaging, highest dimming factor and short delivery time! Designed and made in Hungary, in Europe!

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Herschel prisms from 117 EUR --> mehr Infos

Power Splitter

It is dimmable!

More as 2000 pcs
selled worldwide!


Motorfocus with 1 micron accuracy

Love at first sight!
Price-performance winner

Optolong L-eXtreme

The new EXTREME narrowband combination filter enables simultaneous recording of H-Alpha and OIII narrowband images
Immediately available !!!

Optolong L-eXtreme --> mehr Infos

Lacerta Binoculars

Lacerta outdoor optics are your reliable companion worldwide. Whether you are a hiker, bird watcher or adventurer in the depths of Africa - your Lacerta glass will not let you down. Because with the multi-coated premium optics from Lacerta you are in the middle of the scene, crisp!

Lacerta Binoculars --> mehr Infos

So you can benefit from the German VAT reduction, even if you do not live in Germany

Our gross prices are calculated with 16% (telescopes, microscopes, binoculars) or 5% (books and charts) VAT. If your country-specific VAT is higher, we take over LACERTA GmbH the additional tax costs.

Europe-wide, worldwide,

So you can benefit from the German VAT reduction, even if you do not live in Germany --> mehr Infos

Telescopes (not only) for demonstration purposes

These models are not only school or professional illustration tools, but are also recommended for beginners interested in astronomy. Optically accurate devices so that you can already see the most famous objects in the night sky.

Telescopes (not only) for demonstration purposes --> mehr Infos

Star Adventurer in Stock

We have Star Adventurer in stock: both the Astro and the Full Set! We have also and all Star Adventurer accessories (counterweight, pole block, DEC unit, rails) what you need. Put together your desired configuration! Only pay what is absolutely necessary!

Star Adventurer in Stock --> mehr Infos

Time to use Dew Heater and Dew Shield!

Small investment, great result! Lacerta Dew Caps and Dew Heaters in (almost) all sizes at incredibly low price! Lacerta Dew Heaters cost similary as Dew Caps of other providers without heating. And the dew heaters much less! Lacerta Dew-Heaters and Dew-Caps come with 12V and RCA plugs. About the Velcro you can adjust the length of each dew cap.

Time to use Dew Heater and Dew Shield! --> mehr Infos

Filter drawer with magnetic lock

Unlike other filter drawers, the LACERTA drawer does not have to be fixed with a screw on the side. There is also no risk that the screw will not be tightened properly and that the drawer will slide out. Two pairs of magnets (both on the drawer housing and on the drawer itself) on the right and left side ensure a stable hold. It could nott be easier!

Filter drawer with magnetic lock --> mehr Infos