SynScan WiFi Adapter

Marke: -SkyWatcher
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Autoguider plug: x
Power: über Montierung
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WiFi for all Skywatcher Goto mounts!

provides wireless control of your mount from your mobile, tablet or laptop

Plug in SynscanWiFi replacing your Synscan handbox, and it provides a WiFi network. Android or iPhone, tablets can be connected and controlled via the Synscan App (free download from Play or iTunes store). Southern Stars popular SkySafari can be connected and your mount moves at a tap on the screen of your device. No battery needed.

Synscan App at iTunes

Synscan App at Android Play Store

NEW: Synscan App PRO - for advanced users

The Synscan Apps support the new Skywatcher mobile Ascom driver:
Skywatcher mobile Ascom driver

Please refer to the Ascom drivers help file for how to connect to PC and use it with Ascom compliant software, like Cartes du Ciel etc.
You will get a new entry in the Ascom telescope chooser “SynScanMobile Telescope”. Choose it, have fun!

How to connect to Sky Safari? Please read the info pdf in the support tab.

Caution: At this time the connection to SkySafari with iPhone is still somewhat complicated - not recommended at this time. Synscan App is fine.

Fits to all Skywatcher Goto mounts, and comes with both 6 and 8 PIN cable to connect.

Aereal coverage distance: More than 25m on the field, tested with Galaxy SGS5. If connection is broken, the mount continues to track.