SkyWatcher Skyliner-150P (152/1200) Parabolic Dobsonian with 10mm and 25mm Plössl eyepieces, 6x30 finderscope

Marke: -SkyWatcher
Objective Diameter: 150mm
Focus: 1200mm
Mount: Dobson
Transportgewicht: 25kg
EAN Code: 5999099600169
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408.89 EUR
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Dobson mirror telescope for beginners

The classic Skywatcher dobson telescopes are using a pyrex parabolic main mirror and are very stable.




The 152/1200 Dobson offers with its small secondary mirror very sharp and contrasting pictures, as it is otherwise known only from refractors - however without the color error of a refractor! Over the entire field, stars are imaged almost without a coma sensor, the long focal length provides yet another advantage: Higher magnification can be achieved more easily or with more favorable ocular lenses than with the short focal length of Newton. It provides an excellent picture for the moon and planets, but also collects enough light for successful deep-sky observations, spherical star clusters are already dissolved in the edge area and under dark skies one can also go on galaxy hunting. The secondary mirror struts are very thin, so that shading is minimized and the contrast is increased. The main and secondary mirrors are each housed in an adjustable socket and are very insensitive to the adjustment due to the long focal length. Skywatcher installed here parabolic mirrors, which provide a much sharper image of the observation object. The Rockerbox consists of multi-layered plywood, the tube is stored in Teflon bearings. The Rockerbox holds the tube safely and wobbly, but the tube can also be mounted on parallactic mountings with optional pipe clamps.