Power splitter box with 7 outputs: 4x fix (12V, RCA), 2x dimmed (1-12V, RCA) 1x USB (5V USB).

Marke: --Lacerta hot product
start: EQ8-Stecker
end: 6x RCA + 1x USB
long of the cable: x
Transportgewicht: 1kg
EAN Code: 9120069910124
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Lacerta Power Splitter deLux

The Lacerta Power Splitter deLux has 8 outlets which can be used for telescope/mount - accessories. He takes care of the power management on the observing spot and supports 8 different devices with one power input line.

Input socket is the standard EQ8 socket with screw, to prevent the cable sliding out (stumble trap in the dark).
Its also possible to use one of the RCA Inputs to feed 12V power, comes handy for example with using a Li PowerAccu. Caution, then fuse is not active, and we do not take resposibility if anything is damaged.

Beside the 4x 12V RCA outputs (color coded for better device asignement) there are additional 2  individual regulated RCA outputs. The output voltage is adjustable between 1V and 12V under load. (PWM control). Its perfect for heater bands, red backlights, etc. As long as no consumer is at the regualted output there is no power - just after connecting voltage is switched on.

on the sidewall is two USB A Sockets with 5V / 1A output.

The Power splitter utilizes a slow 4A fuse, which fires just on long lasting high currents. This goes well aside with the EQ8Kab - Cable, which utiulizes a Fuse with 5A Peak.



Dont forget to order fitting cables accordingly.