SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro GoTo equatorial mount

Marke: -SkyWatcher
Type: parallaktisch
Load capacity: 20kg
Adjustment: GOTO
Transportgewicht: 29kg
EAN Code: 5999099604334
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NEQ6-R parallactic GoTo mount of the latest generation

Follower model of the legendary EQ6-Pro, with tooth belt, increased stability and Vixen / Losmandy dual-clamp system.

Improvements to the legendary Eq6-Pro GoTo mount


The Synscan hand control allows the telescope to be aligned with a selected object. The user-friendly Synscan hand control allows the automatic tracking of over 42,000 astronomical objects from the extensive database. The handbox is 12-language, of course also in German version.

The EQ6-R naturally includes the many good features of the NEQ6-Pro!

Very strong steel axies mounted in pretensioned bearings. The mount runs evenly, has nearly no backlash in the RA and DEC axis and is very stiff. Accordingly, the capacity is increased. The sensitive parts are firmly embedded in the head, well protected from dust, moist and dew. The tripod has 45mm thick steel legs, which can be spread out from below with a plate: Higher stability and storage space for eyepieces in one. The Polarscope has the new reticle with precessed corrected scale.

Technical specifications: