adapter set between Feathertouch 2 inch focusers and MotorFocusLA

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Type: Motorfokus Adapter
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directly to  the main focuser worm, no slipping!

This adapter set serves to couple a MotorFocusLA to a Starlight Instruments 2" focuser.

Please check the Fotos&Support tab to see more photos.

how to mount:

Attention: We are coupling our MFOC motor directly to the main worm, not to the microfocus shaft.
Unfortunately Starlight Instruments has some variations the Feathertouch focuser series,
so when ordering we need to ask you
to measure the  dimensions depicted in the photo below L1, L2, L3, D1, D2.

The standard 2" version will fit these values:
L1-- bigger than10mm