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MicroQ Xcam Full-HDMI (1920x1080) Stand Alone Camera with Sony IMX236c Sensor (On-board Operation System, Mouse, SD-card)

Marke:  -Lacerta
Type: CMOS
mono/color: color
Mpixel: 2,0MP (1920x1080)
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EAN Code:  9120069915778

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Microscope stand alone camera with HDMI:

This HDMI Camera can be used directly on a HDMI Monitor - without computer!

It makes presenting the live view to customers or patients very easy.

A small comuter is built in. You can use an attached Mouse to navigate through the User interface to change the cameras settings:-
-left control Panel (Gain, Exposure, Brightness, RGB, White Balance, digital noise reduction, Video functions, etc.)

-lower control panel: Crosshair reticle, mirroring, Brightness levels, Zoom in/out, freeze frame and various picture/video saving funtions etc.)

A SD Card slot is available for storing pictures and videos. By using a computer mouse you dont have to touch the camera to avoid shaking /vibrations and keep the picture sharp.


  • Resolution: 1920x180 Pixel (Full HD)
  • USB 2 Connector for a computer mouse
  • HDMI Plug for using the Camera without additional computer
  • SD Card Slot for storing Pictures an Videos

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