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Telescope test

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filter transmission measurement with certificate

We expand our customer services and offer now individual filtercurves!

How does it work?

You choose the Filtertest as a product in the webshop and send us your filters to our Vienna shop.
Send us a mail with details if you have special wishes. We measure te filters and issue a certificate,
and eventually edit the price in accordance with you. After all is done, we return filters and certificates.

What is included and what are the precision details of the measurement?

We measure the transmission curve of your filter with our Avaspec spectrometer and issue a certificate.
Measuring range is between 350 and 900nm, with a precision of well under 1nm (about 4 measuring points per nm).
100 measurements are averaged and calibrated, giving a precise procentual transmission for each wavelength.

further details:

- filters of any size can be measured.

- measuring filters resident in a filterwheel is possible, please ask. The filter area must be accesible at a minimum of 25mm from the wheels housing edge,

to fit the testbank. No problem for ZWO or Atik filterwheels.

- detailed Filter reports with values like maximum wavelength or FWHM are possible  (see picture below).

Small picture: the filter testbank with fibers for collimated light attched, a dampening filter and a 2" filter to test.

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Wir empfehlen auch:
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